International Cricket Council chief executive Jeff Allardyce has reiterated that the situation between traditional rivals in beyond our control. More than a decade Pakistan and India has not been played Test cricket. In white ball cricket , the two compete only in ICC events and Asia Cup. The International Cricket Council did not even try to match between two countries in Test Championship. Now the ICC is completely neutral on the relaationship between the two traditional rivals.

In an interview , CEO Jeff Allardyce said , ” We try to get each team to play a certain number of matches in the test championship , Pakistan and India are also part of it but the situation between the two is beyond our control. It is good that both are present in the Test Championship and are striving for the best performance.

Asked about the hosting of the Champions Trophy in Pakistan in 2025 and India participation , Allardyce said that the best thing is that international cricket has been restored in Pakistan. Now , Once again , it is ready to host Multinational tournaments.

During the last 2 years , Pakistan has hosted many big teams , recently the Australian team also did a long tour , they have proved to be good hosts , it is too early to say anything about what will  happen by 2025. We are currently focusing on the 2023 Scheduled World cup and the 2024 T20 Mega Event.

Asked about the key positions of Australia , England and India in the ICC and the sugestion of a new event by Rameez Raja , chairman of the Pakistan cricket board , Allardyce said there are some key members who are vital to international cricket. They are getting stronger and stronger in the game. They have build the best business models in their countries. At the same time , we are providing equal opportunities to other countries to move forward.



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