FOOTBALL what does it mean to you? For me it is an emotion, it is feel which cheers you up when you are sad or in grief. It is a sport which teach you to stay strong in hard moments, the moments when your team is losing and all other are cheering up and rejoicing in the happiness of others. Give moral support to your team members because they are like your family. In their bad time when they want your actual support and in response you support them and stand with them that’s means that you’re a family called FOOTBALL family.
FOOTBALL is a sensational game which give us real cheer and fill our lives with joy and excitement. It give us really memorable moments which we never forget. Whenever we watch that moments our heart fill with joy and eyes with tears. It also give us really good players, clubs, matches which brings lives in compitions. Players which live in our heart forever like MARADONA, PELE, CRISTIANO RONALDO, LEO MESSI and we really like to watch their rivalry and they also enjoy to ply against each other. FOOTBALL is now the most watched game and liked sport in our planet. Now I can really use that line Separated by boarders but united by FOOTBALL, because it’s popularity is immatchable and insane. If you are a real FOOTBALL fan then you have to support all the teams and players and don’t criticize other country teams or club or player just because you have only one favorite player so just watch this as a game and enjoy its all moments and ignore hateful speeches and don’t promote them because it is running the beauty of the game and don’t compare it with other games specially with American Football. I would never call that game a FOOTBALL because in that game there is no use of foots and they still call it FOOTBALL I don’t know why but stop comparing it with that game.

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