FIFA U20 World Cup 2019 Ticket Prices

FIFA U20 World Cup 2019 Ticket Prices: Ticket prices for the General Public range from 10 Polish Zloty (“PLN”) for a group match in Category 2 to 40 PLN for the Final in Category 1.

The prices indicated here are for all Ticket Products and categories, which are available for the FIFA U20 World Cup 2019, and include all applicable taxes.

Please note, that all Ticket prices apply to both adults and children, regardless of the age of a child.

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Special Access Ticket corresponds to a dedicated allocation of tickets for disabled people and people with limited mobility. Please be courteous to the fans, and only apply for these Tickets if you truly require them. They are limited in number due to Stadia configuration. If you apply for Special Access Tickets, you are required to provide proof of eligibility documents as part of the Ticket Application process. If not already provide and approved online, such proof of eligibility documents must be provided at the entrance to the Stadium.

Ticket Prices

Category 1 Category 2
Group Matches 20 PLN 10 PLN
Round of 16 20 PLN 10 PLN
Quarter-Finals 30 PLN 20 PLN
Semi-Finals 30 PLN 20 PLN
3rd Place 30 PLN 20 PLN
Final 40 PLN 30 PLN
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Ticket Prices (Special Access Tickets)


Wheelchair User Easy Access Standard Easy Access Amenity
Group Matches 10 PLN 10 PLN 10 PLN
Round of 16 10 PLN 10 PLN 10 PLN
Quarter-Finals 20 PLN 20 PLN 20 PLN
Semi-Finals 20 PLN 20 PLN 20 PLN
3rd Place 20 PLN 20 PLN 20 PLN
Final 30 PLN 30 PLN 30 PLN

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