In every Sport there are some players which are on the next level of the game and scored NO.1 position in their specific game. Just like other games FOOTBALL also produce some great players in every decade. In past few years the hype of FOOTBALL is on another level and the number of clubs are increasing day by day in every country which means there are so many good FOOTBALL players in the world and many of them made records and write their name in the history of FOOTBALL. Every year many player or you can say young talent come and many goes but few of them are loved by the FOOTBALL fans.
Just like that few years ago FOOTBALL fan get two young emerging talent of FOOTBALL with the gap of three years. We all love them so much and many of us made them our idols and THE GOD OF THE FOOTBALL and they did justice with this title given by the FOOTBALL fan to them. They are non-other than Cristiano Ronaldo (07) and Lionel Messi (10). They both are still in the game and they are playing FOOTBALL more than two decades and still in the FIFAXI pro team. Many players come and goes in their era get their positions in the WorldXI or win titles like them. No one not a single player did the things what they did with FOOTBALL. But the problem is when someone score a hatrick or score against their clubs or National teams people start comparing that specific player with them and say that media is biased they are not giving that player royalty or appreciate that player.
People should have to think about that they are for more than two decades on the NO.1 position in FOOTBALL history. For more than 20 years they have scored the most goals in a single season. In every tournament they won the title in every region they play. They won every award for their respective clubs and for their National Team. In every FOOTBALL tournament they always stand at No.1 position and win more titles. If someone just score more goals in one season than them only for one season you start comparing that player with the GOATS of FOOTBALL. These kind of debates are useless and in return only give you one thing just HEADACHE. They are The GODS Of the FOOTBALL so enjoy their era and enjoy this beautiful period and witness the history and remember it as a FAIRYTALES and tell these story to your kids as a good Grandpa.

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