Alisson Becker aims to return to Manchester United later this month

Injured Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson ready for the return to Manchester United in August

Alison gradually increases training intensity

Approaching 100% recovery

The realistic return to the 21st United

Liverpool’s built-in chief inspector Alisson Becker, 26, is preparing to return in about two months.

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Jurgen Klopp Liverpool told reporters that he was close to returning to Alison at an official press conference one day ahead of the UEFA Champions League match against Salzburg. “Alison’s nickname looks pretty good after he resumes training, but he doesn’t want to take any risks as he has been quite seriously injured.”

“Maybe Ali will be 100% in shape until Manchester United,” said Klopp.

Alisson has not been able to handle his team training for about two months after injuring his right calf muscle during the English Premier League opening game against Norwich City in August. Alison’s expected colonial period lasted about four to six weeks, but his recovery period is getting longer. Alison is currently training harder, but he hasn’t been able to handle Liverpool’s team training yet.

Liverpool signed Alison for € 622.5 million at AS Roma ahead of the 2018/19 season. Alison played a decisive role in Liverpool’s second place in the Champions League after 14 years after finishing second in the Premier League with 97 points last season. Liverpool is using Adrian 32 for goalkeeper Miss Ali.

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